Kevin Collar

Kevin Collar graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay as a performance major on saxophone and a minor on clarinet.  He studied Jazz with Lovell Ives and Saxophone with Wane Jaeckel.  In his early career, Mr. Collar performed with numerous Big Bands and Jazz Combos in the Midwest area, especially the Chicago and Milwaukee area.  He moved to the D.C. region to study arranging and composition with Jerzy Sapievsky.  Mr. Collar has performed with numerous bands in the Washington D.C. area.  He has taught saxophone and clarinet at the American University and was the instructor of instrumental music at Georgetown Day High School.  Mr. Collar has recorded with the Warsaw Philharmonic, the London Symphony, and the Bratislava Radio Orchestra and performed with such artists as Bill Watrous, Arnie Lawrence, Clark Terry, Connie Stevens, Stan Kenton, Tommy Newsome, and Dionne Warwick.

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