How To Care For Your Instrument

Did you know that if you don’t clean your mouthpiece regularly it can affect your playing? When you play, your saliva carries water, food particles, plaque, and sugars through your mouthpiece and into your instrument. Most players remember to swab their instrument but what about their mouthpiece? After playing the moisture evaporates and leaves behind the food particles, plaque, and sugars to harden inside your mouthpiece. After a period of time this changes the inside diameter of the mouthpiece which alters the sound. Most musicians don’t notice this change because it happens gradually over time. Sometimes it can be so bad that the player believes there is something wrong with their instrument, or they even consider buying a new mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece cleaning is very important and we highly recommend it be performed on a weekly basis. If you bring in your mouthpiece, we will clean it for FREE! We also have brushes for you to perform the job at home with your preferred dishwashing soap. Some metal mouthpieces can even go in the utensil basket of your dishwasher (gold plated mouthpieces not recommended).