Mike Davis

Mike Davis has been playing trumpet for over 50 years. In 1976, he earned his BA in Music from the University of North Texas. During his career, he has played with many groups such as Joe Frazier and The Knockouts, the Afro-Cubans (or The Machito Latin Jazz Band), The Mingus Big Band, Gerry Mulligan and His Orchestra, Dallas Jazz Orchestra, and more. He toured with many of these bands to play in Las Vegas, New York City, England, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland and Washington D.C. You can hear him play on albums such as “Me, Myself, and Eye” and “Something Like a Bird” by The Mingus Big Band, as well as “Walk on the Water” by Gerry Mulligan and His Orchestra. Currently he is the lead trumpet with the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra.